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About me and the Art…

I am a Mixed Media Artist with a focus on asemblage work and altered books. Several pieces have been on display in Gallery exhibitis; most recently the Women in Art exhibit at Harlan Gallery; Seton Hill University, PA. My mixed media work uses found and reclaimed objects, recycled jewelry and fabrics, rescued books, fur and sometimes other people's trash.  My digital work is comprised solely of my own photography, watercolors, or personal artwork as manipulated in an old version of Photoshop (5.5 to be exact).  All of the mixed media and digital work are born from my pursuit to give ‘voice’ to Self, both internal and as manifested in the external World.  


I am also co-creator and author of two self-published tarot decks; the Portal and Totem Tarots, which are featured here.   The two decks are Major Arcana ONLY, meaning they are comprised of the first 21 cards, or Key Cards, of a typical Tarot deck.  Each deck comes with a Little White Book (LWB) which fleshes out the philosophy we, as creators, had for the Archetypes.  But because Tarot is ultimately personal, we leave the bulk of assigning detailed meaning to you, the viewer.


For those in the know, Jung and Bowen frame my pursuit to understand myself and others.


Last but never least, I am completing my Master's in Art Therapy/Counseling and am proud single parent of seven year old Aidan!!


I have Faith and hold out Hope that humanity will get its act together and Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle and serve as sustainable Stewards of Earth’s and humanities resources.

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